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Starting from the beginning...

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

So for me my dream began very differently, I actually completed sixth form and headed out into the big wide world of university with an idea in mind of what I wanted to do with my life. Where I studied Interior Design at the University of Derby. I got the idea of wanting to be an interior designer from my year 10 work experience placement at @lavendergreybelper. Ever since then that's all I thought about doing. So I went for it and studied for 3 years and graduated with a 2:1, while working part time in a local nursery and living at home. I designed a few rooms for some parents at nursery and absolutely loved it, I also designed our kitchen, summer house, designed and created concept images for a wedding venue and spa and now i'm currently in process of designing and helping to decorate our new lounge.

These are some examples of interiors I have created, Summer House and Kitchen.

Cut the long story short, I decided to put a pin in interior design and scratch an itch that needed to be scratched for a long time. Which is when I enrolled at White Rose Beauty College in Derby back in October 2019, where I studied level 2 beauty therapy.

Skip ahead to December 2019, I went to take my younger sister to our local hair dressers (where we've been going for years and built a close relationship with the two girls that own it) and I so happened to mention I was at beauty college and potentially looking for some work experience. Straight away they said they were thinking about taking on a beauty therapist and wanted to start pushing the beauty side to their business. I was so excited about this opportunity and took it straight away. However, in order for me to take on the role I needed a gel nail qualification. The girls told me to book onto a course as soon as possible so I would be able to start seeing my first clients.

I was so excited as I knew I had a huge passion for nails so I booked straight onto the course which the girls recommended to me, and a few weeks later I completed it. I had never felt so motivated! I brought my first ever gel nail kit, my friend let me borrow her UV nail lamp as I couldn't afford one at the time. I set up everything in my middle of my bedroom and I would spend pretty much every day trying to perfect everything I had been taught on the course. I practiced on my friends, my biggest fan (my mum) and on myself until it was my first big day at the salon.

A picture of my first ever set of nails I did on myself and my little bedroom set up on a foldable massage bed.😂 How cute!

I remember being so nervous on my first day but once it was over I wanted to do it all over again straight away! At that point I realised maybe I should drop working at the nursery and focus on my new journey, so I decided to leave and continue juggling college and my new job at the salon.

January hit and I had booked onto an LVL lash lift course in Birmingham where I trained with Nouveau Lashes (the UK's number 1 lash brand).

Skip ahead a few months to the beginning of the bloody Corona Virus, which lead the beauty industry to shut its doors. I decided to take this opportunity to build my skills, I upgraded my products to The Gel Bottle INC, I upgraded my set up and brought a basic Ikea desk and I set up in our family conservatory. I spend every single day of lockdown either completing college work, doing nail designs or perfecting my nail techniques by joining onto Instagram live masterclasses hosted by nail art influencers. One in particular I loved was a floral one hosted by @bysarah___ where she taught me to encapsulate real flower petals and create a milk bath effect onto the natural nail. I started posting a few designs on my personal instagram page and got quite a lot of positive responses, which lead me to create more and more.

These are a few of many designs I created through lockdown. If you would like to see more head over to my instagram page

Meanwhile, with lockdown was going on, I also managed to jump onto a level 3 massage course and start learning remotely. I managed to get all my theory done at home and once it came to lockdown being over for a bit, I was able to complete my practical work and gain my qualification. I also got my part time job back at the nursery to earn some extra money.

As for the salon, I absolutely loved working there and learned so many new skills and got to see first hand how a beauty business was ran. The girls where so lovely and friendly and I'm so grateful for the opportunity they gave me. However, after finishing college and gaining my level 3 massage qualification, I felt it was time to start something new and try and open my own beauty salon. Which is where I am at now, I have set up my own beauty salon in the heart of our family dental business and I've already started pampering an amazing group of clientele.

I am so pleased with how everything has turned out over the past year and I'm so excited for what's to come. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and helped me along the way and a huge thank you to my dad and mum, who without you, none of this would have happened!! 😘

I hope to inspire many others like myself to pursue a dream they never thought could happen.

Thank you for reading the first of my many blogs,

Lots of love

Meg x

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